Fender Stratocaster Ritchie Blackmore

Fender Stratocaster

Ritchie Blackmore signature


Gitarren är så gott som ny, det är bara priset som är begagnat. Vi lämnar generösa garantier trots detta, så detta är ett kap.


Från Fenders hemsida: "A pioneering master of neo-classical heavy rock, metal godfather Ritchie Blackmore is the man who gave the world the most imitated Stratocaster riff ever ("Smoke on the Water"), and his deft phrasing and unmistakable tone helped make the extended guitar solo an essential art form in itself. The Ritchie Blackmore Stratocaster is based on his favorite '70s model and puts artful Blackmore Strat® style in your hands with distinctive features and modifications, including a graduated fingerboard scalloping, special pickups and more."


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